Dental implants are widely used for replacement of missing teeth, but we are not familiar what these dental implants Sydney are made of. An implant is made of Titanium which is known to be compatible with our body, non-toxic and it is widely used in most of dental implants surgery.

Titanium is a screw for about 8 and 16 mm long which is inserted into a socket in the jaw where the titanium is screwed as a replacement of the missing tooth. So are titanium implants safe? Yes, they are safe and a convenient way as a replacement with a success rate of about 95%.

Most dentists also say that this lasts for about 30 years. Titanium Dental Implants in North Sydney is widely used as well as other parts of the world.

As we say, it is safe and convenient but how much does the Titanium tooth implant cost?

Tooth Implant Cost in Sydney

The dental implants cost Sydney with titanium is typically between $6,000 up to 8,000 and that is only for the parts not including the x-rays, surgery and other things related to this treatment. Most insurance companies do not cover this type of treatment but mostly could cover just a portion of it. Asking around dental practices is recommended to know which dental clinic offers the best deal.

Dental Implant Cost in North Sydney Dentistry

At North Sydney Dentistry, our titanium tooth implant costs $5,199 with payment plan. Our dental implant package comes with a CEREC crown making North Sydney Dentistry one of the best dental practices in Sydney that offers affordable rate yet made with excellent quality.

We also need to ask whether titanium implants are safe and based on medical and dental fields, titanium has been around since the 60’s and it has been proven and mostly recommended by dentists.Titanium Dental Implants in North Sydney

However, even though it is standard to use titanium with implants, there could still be danger associated with it like Titanium allergy. Some patients could show some allergic reactions and it is important to inform your dentist as early as possible.

Other titanium dental implant problems are corrosion and smoking. Corrosion happens when titanium wears down which causes discomfort and needed to be replaced.

Smoking also needs to be considered when doing an implant because if you are a smoker, healing could be less effective and will decrease your chances of healing successfully.



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