Dental Implant Surgery is a procedure where a metal is placed on the roots of your tooth, it is a screw like that replaces your damaged teeth or a missing teeth. Dentist must also assess the health of your jawbone that might cause damage to other bones.

A lot has to be considered as well when choosing this type of treatment. This dental surgery could be right for you if you have one or more missing teeth, an adequate bone structure with a healthy fully grown jaw bone and have no other health conditions.

The tooth implant process starts after you and the dentist decides that this will be the best treatment for you. A thorough dental exam must be completed with all the tests and x-rays necessary as well as reviewing past medical history as this might affect your upcoming surgery.

Review your treatment plan, how many teeth needs to be replaced and will remain and most especially the aftercare since this will determine if the surgery is successful or not.

There are multiple steps for this dental implant procedure; removal of damaged tooth, grafting if needed, placing your dental implant, healing of the bone, abutment placement and dental crown or artificial tooth placement. It could take weeks to months to complete the entire process; it all depends on how long your bone will heal.Dental implant surgery in North Sydney

Dental implant surgery recovery would be easy if we will follow the aftercare advice of the dentist. Dental implants are most of the time successful by continuous proper dental hygiene like seeing your dentist regularly and avoid anything that could damage your implant.

Tooth implant in North Sydney could provide you with the best care compared to other countries as a lot of tourist consider in getting their dental implants Sydney done here which is what they call dental tourism nowadays. A lot of foreigners now travel to other countries to have dental treatments.

However, we still need to think that this type of treatment varies from one patient to another because of the unique complexity of each patient.



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25 Sep, 2020

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