Cosmetic Dentist Sydney

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental treatments that change and improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. This usually involves dental treatments that alter the patient’s dental aesthetic in shade, shape, size and alignment. Cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance of a patient’s smile through their teeth, gums or bite. This could be a non-invasive treatment such as teeth whitening to make the teeth shade whiter and brighter. Or even to use a laser, for gum lifting to improve the length of your teeth. Most people would not even think braces to be considered cosmetic dentistry. However, to align your teeth without being noticed, Invisalign is the most common dental procedure for adults who want straight teeth. At North Sydney Dentistry our dental veneers are our most sought after treatment to change the overall appearance to achieve a patient’s desirable shape, shade and size in one dental procedure. To find out more on our cosmetic dental services, book in a consultation appointment with our best cosmetic dentist Sydney on 8090 1108.

A smile makeover Sydney or otherwise known as Hollywood smile Sydney is to change your teeth to a whiter, brighter and symmetrical smile. Smile makeovers use a combination of cosmetic dental treatment such as dental veneers, crowns, teeth alignment, dental implants, teeth whitening and gum recontouring to redesign your smile. Everyone’s smile makeover cosmetic dentistry treatment will be different depending on the individual’s situation and what they are trying to achieve. Our experienced cosmetic dentists at North Sydney Dentistry are able to discuss and provide you with a personalised treatment plan for a full dental makeover.

How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

Depending on your teeth makeover treatment plan, here are some cosmetic dentistry costs for different cosmetic dental services.

For teeth whitening there are two types of dental whitening treatment, in-office and take home. Both options provide the same end result, however the duration of procedure to get it whiten differs. Take home whitening priced at $349, takes 2 weeks to see results and the patient must apply the whitening gel for 2 weeks consecutively for 30 mins each day. While in-chair whitening cost $449 and performed by our clinician will see results immediately after the appointment.

Dental veneers are perfect for patients who want to improve the overall shape, size and shade of their teeth. There are two types of dental veneers offered by our cosmetic dentist; composite veneer costing at $695 per tooth and porcelain veneer at $1,800 per tooth. At North Sydney Dentistry we also have a porcelain veneer package, if you get 6 or more porcelain veneer it will go down to $1,400 per tooth.

For patients with a missing tooth, dental implant is an option to replace the tooth without using the neighbouring teeth. This stand alone treatment uses the dental implant to merge with the patient’s jaw and later placing a crown on top. The cost for a dental implant at North Sydney Dentistry starts at $5,199.

An invisible way of achieving straight teeth is Invisalign. Using aligners to shift your teeth into position and fixing the patient’s bite. The cost for our Invisalign packages ranges from $4,300 to $7,790.