Dentist Sydney

There are many reasons why finding a good dentist in Sydney is important. As there are many different causes and reasons why you may need dental treatments. These reasons can range from your routine visits to emergency or even changing the appearance of your teeth. In such instances it is ideal to find a dentist who can understand and provide quality and affordable dental treatments to you and your family and friends.

At North Sydney Dentistry, regular preventive dental treatment is one of the main forms of dental care. A routine preventive treatment allows the best dentist in North Sydney to examine and monitor the patient’s teeth, gums and jaw to prevent any major dental procedures. At North Sydney Dentistry we recommend our patients to visit our dental clinic North Sydney every 6 months for their routine preventive dental treatment. With multiple locations within Sydney, we are able to access your records throughout all our practices and you will always have the best dental care and the best dentist in Sydney.

Other than preventive dental care for all ages with our friendly dentists and oral health therapists. North Sydney Dentistry is also well known for their cosmetic dentistry. Depending on what our patients require and need we have a range of cosmetic services to achieve the perfect smile. From our non-invasive treatments such as teeth whitening to straightening their teeth with Invisalign or a whole smile makeover with dental veneers. There are many different options to help our patient to smile with confidence. To further discuss your cosmetic dental options with our North Sydney cosmetic dentists please give us a call on 8090 1108 to book in a consultation appointment.

Sometimes dental treatments are not planned, where dental emergency and dental trauma needs to be seen immediately. At North Sydney Dentistry, our practice has an emergency appointment spot to cater for these situations. Since our emergency appointments slot can vary from 30 mins to 1 hour our experienced dentists can triage the condition of the toothache. If the given time for the emergency appointment is not enough, our emergency dentist Sydney will perform treatment to relieve you out of the immediate pain and subscribe you to pain killers until the next appointment. No matter if it’s a toothache, chipped or broken tooth, at North Sydney Dental will do our best to provide our patient with the same day emergency appointment. 

Dental care can be expensive, especially with no medicare subsidy from the government, trying to maintain good oral health does not need to be costly. Our dental practices within Sydney aims to provide cheap and superb dental work for everyone. We are considered to be one of the cheap dentist Sydney from our affordable restorative treatments on fillings, crowns and bridges to our excellent value on veneers and Invisalign. We have the newest dental technology to bring affordable dental care Sydney to our patients. If you have private health insurance with dental cover, we provide no gap preventive dental treatments with our oral health therapist. For more information and to book an appointment with us at our dental clinic in North Sydney, please call us on 8090 1108 to speak to our friendly front desk.