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NorthSydney Dentistry Website Offer: Invisalign i7 from $3500 including retainers and take-home whitening kit (take-home whitening kit valued at $495)*

Invisalign i7 for $3500 (limited to 7 aligners) is an entry level Invisalign Treatment that has all the bells and whistles of standard Invisalign technology, but is limited to treating very minor relapse cases. This is recommended only after consultation with our dentists.

Retainer options will be discussed before the completion of treatment. Options include fixed ortho retainer cemented to the back of the teeth or removable ortho retainer that is worn nightly. We stress the importance of the retainers and strongly advise that the patient should wear them indefinitely for the rest of the patients life.

Take-home Zoom! Whitening is included as part of the package at the completion of treatment. This option may not suit patients with existing restorations in their front teeth and alternative options may be discussed, or the patient can nominate another person to receive this promotion instead.

*Offer subjects to change or update. To take advantage of this website offer, you need to mention it at the time you book your appointment with us at North Sydney Dentistry.

North Sydney Dentistry Website Offer: Invisalign Lite for $5990

Invisalign Lite for $5990 (limited to 14 aligners) is a mid level Invisalign Treatment capable of correcting most mild crowding and uneven smiles. It is most suited for patients who only wish to correct front teeth alignment and less concerned about the smile as a whole.

Removable Vivera Retainer (TM) from Invisalign is an additional cost of $300 for 3 sets. This is cost price and no added dentist fees applied.

NorthSydney Dentistry Website offer: Invisalign Full for $6990

Invisalign Full for $6990 (Unlimited aligners, corrections, refinements) is the most comprehensive Invisalign Treatment, with a package that covers any corrections that may be required even if the case does not go according to plan. It enhances the alignment of your teeth in harmony with your smile as a whole.

Removable Vivera Retainer (TM) from Invisalign is an additional cost of $300 for 3 sets. This is cost price and no added dentist fees applied.

Please be aware that Invisalign is a form of orthodontic treatment and that it does not restore or change the shape of ones teeth significantly. If you wish to replace or restore your teeth as part of the treatment, such as veneers or crowns, a package promotion may be available upon consult with your dentist.

Acceledent Aura can be purchased as an optional extra $1200, which can help to half the treatment times in suitable cases, upon discussion with your dentist.

North Sydney Dentistry – Invisalign provider – Platinum Status

North Sydney Dentistry offers Invisalign treatment for our patients. Invisalign is the latest technology which straightens misaligned teeth with no speech impediments, much greater comfort than conventional braces and are also virtually invisible.

North Sydney Dentistry offers Invisalign at a very competitive fee because we believe that people should have the best treatment possible, without feeling limited by cost of treatment.

We offer a payment plan where the total cost of the treatment is spread into a few payments over the length of your Invisalign treatment. These are 100% interest free.

With the aid of modern technology, dentists and orthodontists are blessed with faster and more accurate ways to align your teeth. One such technology is Invisalign. Invisalign uses digital models of your teeth and the knowledge of your treating clinicians to device a safe and effective way to correct poor aligned teeth. The result is straight teeth, fast, and without braces.

Such technology is not without limitations. There are complicated misalignment of teeth that cannot be treated effectively by Invisalign, in such case, we also provide traditional orthodontics (braces, a treatment options that has been around for many years) with well-trained dentists and orthodontists.

Acceledent Aura

If there is a way to half your orthodontic treatment time, would you consider it?

Acceledent Aura is a personalised device designed to speed up the movements and metabolism of your jaw bone via the use of low-degree vibration. Studies have shown an acceleration by up 30% for conventional braces, and 40-50% for Invisalign.

It is not a cheap device, but can be incorporated as part of your Invisalign cost. Please discuss this with our dentist during your consult.

If you have any questions about the Invisalign treatment, please do not hesitate to call us on 8090 1108 or e-mail us at and we will respond to all e-mails and Voicemails within 1-2 business hours.

We also have other locations at North Sydney and Hornsby if you prefer an appointment there instead. The same Invisalign Offer above will still apply. Please visit, or call us on (02) 8090 1108 to book an appointment or e-mail us at For Hornsby, call 8090 1100 or e-mail

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