Dental crowns in North SydneyDental crowns today are made of high-quality materials which allow them to last a considerable amount of time before the need for a replacement arises.

Patients can expect to have their dental crowns with them for at least 15 years making it a worthwhile investment.

With proper care and oral hygiene, it will last longer than expected. With that being said, there are a number of factors that can get in the way and affect the overall quality and lifespan of your crowns.

Let us look at some tips on how to help make your dental crowns in North Sydney last longer.

Dental crowns cost in North Sydney can be quite expensive and this is the reason why patients are advised to take extra care of their teeth. This includes refraining from terrible habits such as biting your nails, chewing ice or other hard objects which can cause serious damage to your crowns, shortening its lifespan and more tooth crown cost expense.

It should be noted that a huge number of individuals may not be aware that they have a habit of grinding their teeth during sleep. This practice is known to not only wear the crown and the rest of your teeth but may also cause the tooth crown to pop off which is something that you don’t want to happen.

To avoid this, a number of patients wear mouth guard as prescribed by their dentist. Having them worn during sleep definitely goes a long way in helping maintain the overall integrity of your tooth crown in North Sydney.

18 Sep, 2020

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