Dental Crown

Dental crown is also known as tooth cap because it is a tooth shaped cap that is being placed over your tooth to improve its appearance. It is needed in situations like protecting a tooth from decay to prevent it from cracking as well.

If a tooth is broken or when there is little tooth left, a crown is used to support and cover it. A tooth that has severe discolouration or is misshaped, it can be covered by a crown too.

A tooth crown cost ranges from $1,650 to $1,795 and it all depends on the type of crown you want. There are different types of crown and it varies depending on materials and cost.

One type is a porcelain crown which is popular nowadays and this is completely made of porcelain. It is natural looking that easily matches your surrounding teeth and is popular for front teeth. This type of crown is also costly than other types of dental crowns.

Another type is porcelain fused to metal crowns, this is a type of crown that provides strength and aesthetics and it has a metal structure with a porcelain top. The advantage of this is both durability and aesthetics and cost less than the porcelain crowns.

Gold crowns are also composed of copper and other metals however they are not the most popular because it does not look like a natural tooth at all. Gold is a strong type of metal that’s why it is considered as strong and highly resistant which lasts long too.

Dental crowns should be a good fit in our teeth, just like what we describe them, teeth caps.

Once you have decided to get a tooth crown then the dentist will prepare you for an impression which is then brought to the dental technician to construct a crown so that the appropriate fit will match your jaw and the way you bite, the colour and structure of your surrounding teeth as well. Once the crown is made, it will then be fixed using a dental cement to hold it over the tooth.Dental Crown in Sydney

When you are considering of getting crowns teeth, weigh all of your options and make sure to spend it wisely. Make sure that in choosing a cheap option will not also lead you to poor dental quality and could not provide a good experience.

Dental crown cost in Sydney varies depending on the type of teeth crowns you will receive and the dental clinic’s location. Make sure to compare the cost with other dental fees. You also have to make sure that the dentist is not over charging you, ask the dentist if they offer payment plans and mention if ever you have dental insurance to make sure you are getting the benefits that you deserve.

Remember to ask questions to your dentist, a professional will lay out everything and will help you decide the right treatment to choose.

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Dental Crown