Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a non invasive and affordable cosmetic treatment to achieve whiter and brighter teeth. Using teeth whitening bleaching gel the chemical reaction from the gel breaks down the colour pigments on the enamel of your teeth. As a result these smaller molecules on your enamel reflect less light and achieve a whitening effect. Hence depending on the causes for your teeth discolouration teeth whitening may or may not be an effective treatment for you. So people with fillings, crowns and bridges already on their teeth, unfortunately those teeth can not be whiten. To see if your teeth are suitable for the best teeth whitening Sydney, you may get this assessed by our professional teeth whitening dentists or oral health therapist at North Sydney Dentistry during your next routine check up and clean.

Types of Teeth Whitening System

teeth whitening sydneyThere are two types of whitening system available, take home teeth whitening and in-chair teeth whitening. Both of these procedures will provide the same end result, but the duration to achieve the results differ. Take home whitening can be done in the comfort of your own home and is perfect for patients with sensitive teeth where they can split the duration of time you need to wear per day. The dentist will issue you custom made whitening trays and whitening gel, and demonstrate how to use and apply them on your teeth. To see results for take home whitening you must wear the custom made tray for 2 weeks at least 30 minutes each day. However if you are looking for immediate results, in-chair teeth whitening North Sydney will be your best option. The in-chair whitening gel activated by the blue light provides instant results within 1 hour. Patients may have sensitive teeth during or after the treatment, but it will subside with time.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Whether you decide on getting take home whitening or in-chair whitening, it is important to give your teeth a nice clean canvas to start with. That’s why having a scale and clean prior to teeth whitening treatment is very important. The dentist or oral health therapist is able to remove all the stain, plaque and tartar build up where your normal toothbrush is unable to do so. It is best to get your scale and clean done at least 2 months prior to your whitening procedure to ensure you have a clean and unobstructed surface to apply.

For in-chair whitening the clinician will apply a gum barrier to protect your gums from the strong whitening gel. After this the application cycle of the whitening gel and blue light will be repeated 2 to 3 times to achieve the teeth whitening procedure. Be mindful that teeth whitening has limitations and is unable to achieve excessive whiteness that dental veneers can provide.

Teeth Whitening Price in Sydney

In Sydney, most teeth whitening dentists cost $800 for their in-chair teeth whitening and about $400 – $500 for take home teeth whitening. This range for a teeth whitening cost in Australia is actually quite expensive which is why looking around for the best price for teeth whitening is recommended to avail quality yet cheap teeth whitening in Sydney.

Cost of Teeth Whitening at North Sydney Dentistry

Here’s our teeth whitening package and its cost:

Take home whitening: $349

In-chair whitening: $449, performed by our oral health therapist

For an additional take home whitening kit on top of our in-chair teeth whitening, just pay an extra $100.

21 Jun, 2019

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