Tooth Filling

Cavities are one of the main adversaries of our oral health as they can leave a nasty mark on our teeth if they are not spotted early. Furthermore, removing cavities is not as easy as it sounds especially since they don’t go away on its own.

It is good to hear that there are procedures such as the dental filling which can help resolve this issue without the need of getting the tooth extracted. Let us look at some of the things that you can expect with a tooth filling

Tooth FillingCavity filling is often one of the first things that come to mind when talking about this dental procedure. With that being said, a cavity is not the only reason why fillings are performed.

Some patients may require this type of treatment to help repair cracks in teeth. They can also help fix the damage from bad habits like nail-biting, grinding your tooth as well as using them to open a variety of items. This makes the filling procedure to be quite flexible allowing them to cater to the needs of their patients. 

Tooth Filling Price in Sydney

The dental filling price in Sydney can go anywhere from $100 to $4,500 or more for a single tooth depending on the material chosen. It can be very hard to tell the exact price on how much is filling at dentist and this is because each case is different.

For instance, some patients may prefer to use a more expensive type of filling such as gold amalgam which can be quite expensive whilst others don’t care much about the aesthetics. 

Dental Filling Price at North Sydney Dentistry

North Sydney Dentistry offers dental fillings for a much affordable rate compared to other dental clinics around Sydney. Our composite and glass ionomer is from $150 – $350 whilst our composite/porcelain onlay is from $650 – $990. We also have gold fillings but we cannot give you the exact price as the gold price varies.

Patients should not worry much about the cost of dental filling as they are covered more by many insurance providers as they fall under the basic dental procedure. As such, it is a good idea that you prepare your dental insurance beforehand to help you save a fair amount of resources when getting them.


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21 Jun, 2019

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