North Sydney Dentistry

North Sydney Dentistry has the top professional dentists in Sydney that provides quality dental care to all patients. We provide a variety of dental services from simple or general to cosmetic dentistry and complicated dental procedures of dentistry. Our practice is accredited as we believe this is important, aside from the treatments we offer, the patients also need to know our accreditation.

Why do they need to know and why does it matter? It means that we are following the strict standards and that we are committed with what we do with the patient’s safety and quality treatment. ADA encourages all its members to have all their practices accredited and we are a part of those who makes sure we are accredited.North Sydney Dentistry

We are also accredited as Bupa Members First dentist, if you are a member of this then you’ll be at ease with peace of mind whenever you need to make appointment with any dentist. We are committed just like how BUPA is committed to its patients. It is actually easy to find Bupa members first network dental clinics all over Australia. Most dental clinics are members of the Bupa member first platinum and that means you don’t have to pay anything with your regular check-up and some other preventive treatments such as regular exam, scale and clean, x-rays like bitewing x-rays, mouth guard and fluoride treatments. We also offer no gap check-ups which means you will pay nothing since we are part of member first platinum provider considering up to your yearly limits.

Our practice is one of the places that could offer the best Invisalign treatment, as more people are considering getting this kind of treatment and its popularity has been spreading as well. Patients should be well aware about the providers and their trainings. North Sydney dentistry is part of the Invisalign Platinum Provider. We as the best providers must get proper training if we wish to get the special accreditation. Most Invisalign providers were certified as platinum, platinum elite and diamond which refers to all the number of cases that has been completed. This should matter to all the patients as they will have an idea before they choose the right dentist.

We are also part of Nib First Choice, we are accredited to it because we believe that their mission and vision reflects on how we also want it for our patients and that is to have people enjoy their health. Nib offers health and dental insurance to millions of Australian and New Zealand residents and with this we are able to offer affordable dental treatments and you just have to find us on the nib app or their website to see that we are accredited with nib.

Another accreditation we are proud of to say is Medibank, we are part of Medibank Members Choice provider because we know that Medibank has arrangements with a lot of practices and providers so that patients can enjoy their services and treatments without worrying on how much will they pay or if they have enough funds for their treatment.

North Sydney Dentistry