Where To Go in Neutral Bay

Neutral Bay is one great place overflowing with history, adventure, foods, drinks and scenic views. It’s totally a great place to start creating new and exciting memories together with your friends and family. This is one of the reasons why dentists in Neutral Bay are proud to be of service in this area. Check out these exciting places to visit at Neutral Bay.

Thelma and Louise

A waterfront cafe located on the Sydney Harbour, Thelma and Louise offers a unique combination of the amazing scenic views and the perfect brunch, lunch and dinner.

They take great pride and effort in using organic and produce like herbs, passion fruit, pumpkins and eggplants that are locally grown in their garden. They even cook everything in their own little kitchen to ensure good taste and freshness in all their dishes.

It is also a strange and unusual venue for events, corporate functions and bizarre celebrations. They do off-the-wall parties according to your taste and preference, for an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience.Dentist in Neutral Bay

May Gibbs’ Nutcote

The house designed for the famous Australian children’s illustrator and author May Gibbs and her husband James Ossoli Kelly by Sydney Architect BJ Waterhouse in 1924 was given the name Nutcote. It is a Mediterranean style house whose interiors are made of dark stained timber either redwood or cedar, floorings are made of original jarrah timber, long-living rooms with arched windows on both ends, carved rafters, recessed bookshelves and roughcast stone-coloured walls that open onto the balcony where huge arches and iron railings frame the bay.

The highlight of the entire house is the studio with double doors off the living room that is connected with the dressing room and the bedroom which emphasises the important and relevant role of her art in May Gibbs’ life and her husband’s.

May Gibbs and her husband made and designed the Nutcote Garden, an English style garden with roses, annuals, shrubs, hedges, lawns and a few fruit trees. It is a beautiful cottage garden that displays native and exotic trees and shrubs along with some annuals and perennials. Its main feature is the original brick path from the street that is edged by flowerbeds and the breath-taking view of the Sydney Harbour from the paved terrace on the waterfront side of the house.

So get to experience this house that was built to have compactness, convenience and charm. It was built on Neutral Bay lands, on the Sydney Harbour shores that were finally completed in 1925 and was finally opened to the public in 1994.

There are a lot more places to visit and to discover so go and visit Neutral Bay today. It’s not enough just to hear and read about it, an adventure isn’t an adventure unless you get to experience it, but don’t just experience it, get to love it too.

Where To Go in Neutral Bay