What To Do in Milsons Point

There are a lot of exciting things that you can do when you’re in Milsons Point. There’s Luna Park, North Sydney Olympic Pool, Bradfield Park and among others. This is why dentists in Milsons Point are so proud to serve in this area.

North Sydney Olympic Pool

The North Sydney Olympic Pool is an exercise and swimming complex located just adjacent to the Sydney Harbour at Milson’s Point in North Sydney between Luna Park and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It has the Inter-War Free Classical style with art deco-style decorations designed by architects Rudder and Grout.

It is an Olympic sized outdoor pool built partly on the Dorman Long workshops site just following the completion of the Harbour Bridge. It hosted the swimming and diving events for the 1938 Empire games after it was opened on April 4, 1936.

In 2000, heating was added and in 2001, a 25 metres (82 ft) indoor pool was added. In spite of its name, it wasn’t chosen as an aquatic venue for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. The aquatic events were held instead at the Sydney International Aquatic Centre in Sydney Olympic Park.

The North Sydney Olympic Pool is located at 4 Alfred St. South, Milsons Point NSW 2061. It is accessible via bus, train (Milson’s Point) and ferry. It is equipped with a 50 metre outdoor heated Olympic Pool, a 25-metre indoor pool, a sauna, a spa, a fully equipped gymnasium and a poolside cafe, complete with disability access like a pool hoist, a lift, accessible change rooms and 2 accessible parking spaces.

Bradfield Park

Bradfield Park used to be a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) station just located at the suburb of Bradfield Park (now Linfield, New South Wales) during World War 2.

Today, Bradfield Park is widely known as an expansive patch of grass with magnificent harbour views. It’s a great picnic spot complete with great views of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and of course the harbour itself.

It can easily be located at the northern end of the bridge at Milsons Point, sitting directly across the water from the famed Opera House and it’s precisely and directly under the bridge.Dentist in Milsons Point

But aside from its spectacular views, its other amenities includes: A great outdoor picnic spot, available picnic tables and benches (if you want to cool down and rest complete with a bridge provided shade), drinking fountains (are scattered throughout the park), playground (on the corner of Alfred Street and Fitzroy Street, for energetic active kids, fully fenced and with tree provided shades, cable/rope climbs and a family seesaw), available restrooms (located on the Jeffrey Street Wharf side of the park along Olympic Drive, with a formal lookout spot and a gazebo), outdoor table tennis (free to use but bring your own racquets and balls), Dogs (are also welcome to roam off-leash, though you have to be at least 10 metres away from the playground) and Food (is available via cafes and takeaways on Alfred street and Broughton Street).

Bradfield Park is one of North Sydney’s traditional green village that is strategically located by the harbour, with plenty of spaces to exercise for teens and adults, a nice playground for the kids, picnic spots and benches with great harbour views for the everyone and dog friendly areas within the cool shade of the harbour bridge.

Milsons Point is truly a great place to see and visit with these exciting things that you can do with your friends, loved ones and the whole family. Be it in Luna Park Sydney, North Sydney Olympic Pool or in Bradfield Park.

What To Do in Milsons Point