Where To Go in Waverton

Dentist in WavertonWaverton is a dainty town just 4km from The Sydney Central Business District; a quaint little village with a modern appeal and lots of stories to tell. It’s a residential suburb that contains some of the best recreational parks and vantage points all-over Sydney. This is why Waverton dentist North Sydney Dentistry is glad to serve in this community.

Check out this cool parks and playgrounds in Waverton, jot it down on your places-to-visit list, enjoy and have fun, after all, it’s why you’re here in the first place.

The Coal Loader Centre For Sustainability

This serves as a central meeting spot where the community could discuss and participate in the many environmental and sustainability programs that the centre has organised. The public is welcome to attend and take part in the workshops, marvel at the exquisite view of the harbour or just simply be inspired by the innovative sustainable technology that the centre has to offer.

Some interesting features include; Community Garden, Genia McCaffery, Community Nursery, Aboriginal Bush Foods Garden, Chook Run, Coal Loading Tunnels, Foreshore Parklands and the Artisan’s Market where Australian designers can display and sell their handmade products.

Balls Head Reserve

If you just continue your walk from the Coal Loader Parklands, you will reach the Balls Head Reserve. This is a bushland peninsula that’s famous for its magnificent Sydney Harbour views, its Industrial Relics, its traces of aboriginal rock paintings, its famous picnic spots, and its various bushwalking tracks complete with wheelchair access and fully equipped with amenities such as toilets, picnic tables, water fountains and electric BBQ pits.

Waverton Park

The park’s highlight is a spectacular view of the city skyline overlooking Berrys Bay and being partly built on reclaimed tidal flats with a historic Geraghty Gates that is located at the northeast corner of the park. It’s a park that’s famous not just for family outings and outdoor activities, it’s dog-friendly as well, even if only within specified permitted park perimeters.

Other park facilities include the sports field, bowling club with a Merrett Playground on the upper level themed “Motoring”.

Carradah Park

This former BP site transformed to the very current Carradah Park is just adjacent to the Waverton Park and the Merrett Playground. It’s a great park to investigate as it’s still complete with the directional signage and interpretative signs, as well as industrial remnants that were used by the former BP Oil Company from long ago.

When you get tired wandering around the park, check out the Will Ashton Lookout which is one of the main attraction at the upper-level platform fully equipped with railings and viewing seats.

Euroka Street Park / Playground

This quaint little park and playground that is very shaded because of its many leafy foliages can be found situated in the quiet and peaceful neighbourhood in Euroka Street. It’s basically a fitness-style themed playground, it’s great for kids who want to have their daily dose of exercise, and it’s fully equipped with monkey bars, wall-climbing, rope-climbing, and handball courts.

It’s actually a great place for kids and adults as we also have fitness equipment for adults like the stepper and the stand-up swing.

So the next time to come by to visit Sydney, don’t forget to check out these cool amazing places and things to do at Waverton. It’s a wonderful town complete with everything from shopping centres, look-out points, delicious foods, scenic views, relaxing parks, hobbies, walking tracks and even a bit of exercise. It’s all here at Waverton, the one-stop vacation paradise for the whole family.

Where To Go in Waverton